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Welcome to the Future Transport Forum 2023


The transport sector is on the cusp of real change, driven by the need to decarbonise, to level up access to opportunities, to optimise the use of public streets and spaces and make transport networks more efficient

This event will:

  • Show how £90 million is supporting the trials of new transport innovation in the Solent and the three other Future Transport Zones.

  • Highlight the benefits of real world testing for new technologies and approaches

  • Show how innovative places are making smarter and wider use of new technologies

  • Demonstrate innovative new ways to transport people around urban and rural areas

  • Bring together stakeholders including councils, hospitals, transport operators, communities, airports and universities

Making smarter and wider use of new technologies is key to this transport revolution – whilst always remembering that all viable solutions are driven by genuine need and must deliver relevant and innovative ways to improve personal mobility.

Advances in operational software solutions, Artificial Intelligence and net zero motive power are likely to ramp up dramatically between now and 2030, offering travellers and businesses new choices for everyday travel needs.


The Future Transport Forum will showcase the solutions that are being piloted and refined on the ground in the UK's Future Transport Zones – and beyond.

Real world testing of new technologies and approaches, including:


Personal mobility: DDRT, shared bikes and e-bikes, shared e-scooters

Electric charger

How new technology can improve travel in car-dominated areas outside of major cities

Mobile Phone

Integration of modes and networks: Mobility as a Service and mobility hubs

Speech bubble

Engagement, communications and embedding citizen buy-in


The creation of safe and civilised roads and streets


Developing drone deliveries

Contactless card

Smart ticketing and payment systems

Cargo Bike

Micro and macro consolidation

Why Solent?

In 2020, the Government 2020 launched a consultation to make journeys easier, smarter and greener through new technology as part of the Future of Transport regulatory review. Alongside the review, a £90 million funding offer is supporting trials of new transport innovation in four Future Transport Zones (FTZ) – including the Solent. The Solent FTZ programme is funded until June 2024.

These zones will bring a range of local bodies – councils, hospitals, transport operators, communities, airports and universities – to test innovative ways to move people and freight around urban and rural areas.

The Solent Future Transport Zone is funded by the Department for Transport.

Why Solent?

"The Solent Future Transport Zone has been awarded £28.8m from the DfT to run numerous tests and trials of innovative approaches to transport across the Solent region. As these tests and trials take place, we’ll conduct research, capture data and invite feedback to understand whether these innovations are improving your transport options and the way you travel"

Conrad Haigh

Conrad Haigh

Solent Transport Manager

Solent Transport won £29m from the Department for Transport (DfT) to implement innovative future transport solutions around personal mobility and freight movements.


The funding means the Solent area will benefit from several innovative transport solutions including: smartphone apps for planning and paying for sustainable journeys demand, e-bike share scheme, and new approaches to freight distribution, including drone freight trials for NHS deliveries across the Solent to the Isle of Wight. Funding will be allocated to different projects across the region.


The three-year Solent Future Transport Zone programme proposes to address local challenges such as high levels of car usage and the environmental impacts of freight movement within the Solent’s urban areas. It will do this by delivering a series of complementary projects within two key themes: personal mobility and sustainable urban logistics.


Solent Future Transport Zone encompasses south Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester, and is also working closely with bus, train, ferry and hovercraft companies, ensuring the whole region, residents and visitors will benefit from its trials and innovation.

Outdoor try-outs and site visits

Both days of the event will offer the option of rides and tours using Solent's:




Shared bikes/e-bikes




Walking tour / MaaS app live demo

Future Transport Forum 2024

Novotel Southampton
1 W Quay Road, SO15 1RA

Organised by:

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Supported by:

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Hosted by:

Solent Transport: A Partnership

Future Transport Zones in England are funded by the Department for Transport

Personal mobility - innovation in action

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