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Welcome to the Future Transport Forum 2024


The transport sector is on the cusp of real change, driven by the need to decarbonise, to level up access to opportunities, to optimise the use of public streets and spaces and make transport networks more efficient

About the Future Transport Zones

In 2020 the Government launched its Future of Transport regulatory review, a consultation to make journeys easier, smarter and greener.

Alongside the review, which it called “the biggest shake-up of laws in a generation”, a £90 million funding boost was launched to trial new transport innovation in Future Transport Zones providing real-world testing for experts, allowing them to work with a range of local bodies such as councils, hospitals, airports and universities to test innovative ways to transport people and goods. Future Transport Zones are underpinned by agreed principles.

The Future Transport Forum 2024 will showcase the solutions that are being piloted and refined on the ground in the UK's Future Transport Zones – and beyond.

The way we travel is changing. Technology and innovation are blurring the distinctions between different types of vehicles and services and increasing automation is providing new opportunities and challenges.


Some of these changes, such as apps to help plan journeys, electric vehicles, drones and technology to assist drivers are already here. In the next ten years we are likely to see more and greater change.

Latest Solent Future Transport Zone updates: find out more at the Future Transport Forum 2024:

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Breeze transport and travel super app

Breeze is the UK’s first multi-city travel app. It is being developed for the Solent area, and is a revolutionary new way to plan, book and pay for your journeys across all transport types. This includes buses, trains, ferries, e-scooters, Beryl Bikes by Breeze, walking routes and more. Breeze has been downloaded more than 20,000 times.

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E-scooter trial

Three trials of rental e-scooters are running successfully in Southampton, Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight, with over 1,900 e-scooters available to hire. Solent Transport and its partners Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council and the Isle of Wight Council approved an extension of the e-scooter trial to May 2024. The trial has been very well received, with over 160,000 registered users covering 3.6 million kms with an average ride time of just less than 15 minutes in Portsmouth and Southampton, and more than 18 minutes on the Isle of Wight.

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Micromobility schemes

Solent Transport has recently invited the operators its bike share and micro-mobility framework to bid to become a new single operator by summer 2024. Until then, the schemes in place are expanding and gaining in popularity.

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Dynamic Demand Responsive Transport (DDRT)

Dynamic Demand Responsive Travel (DDRT) is a flexible method of public transport that involves picking people up and dropping them off on demand,
usually in areas where a regular transport service may not be viable. DDRT offers a better and more affordable service during off-peak travel times. Solent Transport is now working to integrate DDRT with Breeze so passengers can plan and book their journey through the Breeze app, and running further trials with additional
transport operators across the Solent area.

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Beryl Bikes by Breeze 

Beryl Bikes by Breeze has expanded and now offers more than 800 bikes and e-bikes to hire in more than 250 locations across Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight! It offers people a healthy and sustainable way to travel while also helping to reduce the amount of traffic and pollution in the Solent area. The bikes can be hired using the Breeze app.

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Mobility Credits

The Mobility Credits project is trialling the provision of travel credits to people through the Breeze app for a limited period of time. The credits will be offered to
eligible residents aged under 30 meeting carefully selected low-income criteria.

Solent Transport is carrying out research to see what effect offering Mobility Credits has on how likely people are to use public transport and active travel, along with the impact on other outcomes such as access to work, education and essential services.

Why Solent?

In 2020, the Government provided £90 million of funding to support trials of new transport innovation in four Future Transport Zones (FTZ) – including the Solent. The Solent FTZ programme is funded until June 2024.

These zones will bring a range of local bodies – councils, hospitals, transport operators, communities, airports and universities – to test innovative ways to move people and freight around urban and rural areas.

Why Solent?

"The Solent Future Transport Zone has been awarded £28.8m from the DfT to run numerous tests and trials of innovative approaches to transport across the Solent region. As these tests and trials take place, we’ll conduct research, capture data and invite feedback to understand whether these innovations are improving your transport options and the way you travel"

Conrad Haigh

Conrad Haigh

Solent Transport Manager

The Solent Transport FTZ is implementing innovative future transport solutions around personal mobility and freight movements.


The funding means the Solent area will benefit from several innovative transport solutions including: smartphone apps for planning and paying for sustainable journeys demand, e-bike share scheme, and new approaches to freight distribution, including drone freight trials for NHS deliveries across the Solent to the Isle of Wight. Funding will be allocated to different projects across the region.


The three-year Solent Future Transport Zone programme proposes to address local challenges such as high levels of car usage and the environmental impacts of freight movement within the Solent’s urban areas. It will do this by delivering a series of complementary projects within two key themes: personal mobility and sustainable urban logistics.


Solent Future Transport Zone encompasses south Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester, and is also working closely with bus, train, ferry and hovercraft companies, ensuring the whole region, residents and visitors will benefit from its trials and innovation.


Latest Solent Future Transport Zone updates: find out more at the Future Transport Forum 2024

Outdoor try-outs and site visits

Both days of the event will offer the option of rides and tours using Solent's:




Shared bikes/e-bikes



Mobile phone

Walking tour / MaaS app live demo

Future Transport Forum 2024

Novotel Southampton
1 W Quay Road, SO15 1RA

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Future Transport Zones in England are funded by the Department for Transport

Personal mobility - innovation in action

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